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Laika – “bewitching, confounding and very often unique” NME

Bucharest International Biennial For Contemporary Art Bucharest Biennale promote awareness and dissemination of the culture, particularly in the fields of the arts, by means of exchanges and cultural cooperation within Europe and beyond and is looking for strategies that would develop mutual understanding and offer insights from different perspectives.

relational aesthetics IV – Douglas Gordon

Gordon has made installations and, most recently, films. His aim has been to tempt viewers into becoming more aware of the shifting subjectivity of their perception of the world.  “ left is right and right is wrong and left is worng and right is right”

Abuse – The Great Outdoors

relational aesthetics III – Vanessa Beecroft

Vanessa Beecroft works in the gap between art and life. The work is neither performance nor documentary, but something in between. Her live events are recorded through photography and film, but her conceptual approach is actually closer to painting. 


relational aesthetics II – Liam Gillick

  His art is underpinned by rigorous theorising: he is as much a writer as a maker of objects. However, Gillick’s work is shaped by a very visual awareness of the way different properties of materials, structures and colour can affect our surroundings and therefore influence the way we behave.