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Going Inside

John Frusciante&Vincent Gallo

Victor Man

“I don’t want my work to have a specific style. I rather let myself be constantly surprised by things around me, images which I empty of any kind of content (which is necessary so that I can formulate a new one), and use them as bricks in a building. They serve a purpose, which is [...]

Andy Gilmore


KCO meets CocoRosie

In Relation with NB

NB: There are two ways of building an institution. One way is to build a jewelry box to present objects and the other one is to conceive of it as an open market where everything is removable and you can change things all the time. That was the main idea at Palais de Tokyo. I [...]


    Benga & Coki


  Sambata 9 august ’08, h 21:00 The Fish – Peninsula, Constanta   ROBOT MIX and CHAKRAS ARTS VJ EYE for an EYE (Montreal) Dj NEWMAN(down tempo/acid jazz/ progressive)