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Shadow Art – Tim Noble and Sue Webster

SW: We don’t sit down and say: ‘This will piss so and so off’, we make the work we instinctively feel like making. We don’t have the one idea like a lot of people out there – the one idea in red, blue, green, big, little ,square and round. TN: I like to think we’re [...]

Nothing But Green Lights

    Tom Vek

Creditcrisis – Henk Hofstra is in Rotterdam

More about HH here and here

Toshinori Kondo, Eraldo Bernocchi&Bill Laswell – Charged

The Octopus Project

Brett Yviett

PDM: Ai impresia ca în artele vizuale s-a revenit la un stil realist? BY: Sfârsitul artei trâmbitat de profetii post-modernisti, nu a avut loc, desigur. Nu traim sfârsitul artei, ci arta sfârsitului, o arta în care decadenta este principiul estetic suprem.   Adorno spunea la un moment dat ca sa scrii poezie dupa Auschwitz este [...]

Jack R. Tilley – Visual Artist

Jack R. Tilley – Animation