Gili Mocanu – Untitled in Cluj

The artist Gili Mocanu has answered the invitation coming from Laika to make an exhibition in Cluj and proposes four new paintings in black and white. For those already familiarized with Gili Mocanu’s work it is easier to decipher the meaning of these recent paintings, as they come as a natural continuation of his artistic investigation. It is an imaginative exercise (in a painterly sense) by which the artist depicts the intermolecular space that in his vision is a geometrical one where abstract linear forms go along harmoniously with the organic forms, the light is dim, mysterious and colour lacks completely. It is an artificial, abstract space, marked by a colourless sunset. The forms that make up this space are either basic (rectangles, triangles, etc) or completely irregular. They have the advantage of being two-dimensional and three-dimensional at the same time. The three-dimensional characteristic is vaguely suggested by the means of light and dark. This space paradox creates a feeling of tension and gives the compositions a sensation of movement. Gili Mocanu avoids using a certain technique, declining any spectacular artifices or any superficial effects, covering the surface of the canvas with almost mechanical gestures, equally vibrated. His paintings are intellectual statements dubbed by a scientific mysticism.

6 may – 6 june 2009


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