Nosaj Thing

Nosaj Thing – Dj set (Live on KEXP) from kirvysplash on Vimeo.

A Seed Cathedral

Uk Pavilion

Shanghai Expo 2010


Cocorosie-Lemonade from [PIAS] Recordings on Vimeo.

On the Funki Porcini


Emotii Arhivate

Proiectul “Emotii arhivate” vorbeste despre un tip de actiune pe care cu totii am experimentat- o, reinterpretarea unor evenimente prin schimbarea contextului in care se afla. Prin acest proiect ne asumam un rol autobiografic, folosind figurativul ca forma de exprimare, transpunand in spaţii picturale situatii si evenimente personale  pe care ni le amintim, accesand arhive de fotografii sau recompunand fotografic o stare traita la un moment dat.

Parcursul proiectului urmareste pe de o parte ilustrarea evenimentelor personale desfasurate temporal, alcatuind o arhiva ce exploreaza propria istorie afectiva, iar pe de alta parte arata cum toata actiunea poate fi  gandita pe parcursul a catorva secunde, totul intamplandu- se acum, prezentul fiind cel ce conteaza. Combinand astfel o gandire sintetica cu una analitica, preocupata de detalii, reusim sa lucram in aceasta formula de cuplu, pastrandu-si fiecare directia proprie.

Romanian Cultural Resolution

Club Electro Putere Craiova with Romanian Cultural Institute of Berlin is pleased to invite you to:

Halle 12 Spinnerei Leipzig
1st of May 2010

An Image instead of a Title
Curator Mihnea Mircan
Artists Mircea Cantor Anca Munteanu Rimnic Ciprian Muresan Ioana Nemes Miklos Onucsan Cristian Rusu Serge SpitzerHere and Then
Curator Magda Radu
Artists Alexandra Croitoru & Stefan Tiron in colaboration with Vasile Pop-Negresteanu Adrian Ghenie Ion Grigorescu with Matei Lazarescu Julian Mereuta Aurelia Mihai Ciprian Muresan & Adrian Ghenie Miklos Onucsan

Fetish Factory
Curator Adrian Bojenoiu
Artists Pavel Braila Stefan Constantinescu Daniel Knorr Alexandru Niculescu Dan PerjovschiThe Painting Section
Curator Mihai Pop
Artists Ioana Batranu Corneliu Brudascu Sorin Campan Constantin Flondor Adrian Ghenie Gheorghe Ilea Victor Man Gili Mocanu Serban Savu

GILI MOCANU. Each of the Two Moments

MNAC presents the solo exhibition of Gili Mocanu, an exhibition that takes into account two stations of art – the studio and the museum. Together with The Papal Square Meter, a work from the collection of MNAC, two other series of paintings have been selected, as well as the artist’s sketchbooks which are on display for the first time. For Each of the Two Moments, Gili Mocanu has conceived an intervention in the museum’s space that seems to test the force of gravitation embedded in ideas and the plausibility of space drawing.

After exercising figuration and resorting to a beautiful and irreverent artifice, the artist puts to the test our tolerance for abstraction. Repetition and cyclicity, journey and end, the terrestrial and the imponderable, are constant themes of reflection for Gili Mocanu, an artist for whom sincerity and adrenaline are basic ingredients of his artistic and cultural identity. His work is infused with so much nihilism and irony that one can almost hear him saying: “Nothing compares to a good dose of self-loath”.
31.03 – 27.06.2010

opening: Wednesday, 31.03.2010, 19h00